Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hong Kong Rocks!

There was  a thriving rock & roll scene in Hong Kong during the 1960s. A number of bands made records, often remakes of American hits:

The Zoundcrackers - "I Gotta Find Cupid" (1965)
This was a cover of a Gary Lewis and The Playboys original which I've never heard. I'm probably safe in assuming this cover version is superior:

The Magic Carpet - "Things Go Better With You"
This is a rather speeded-up version of a minor hit by The April Fools. The original was more sunshine pop, rather than the garage bubblepunk heard here:

The Quests - "Mr Rainbow" (1968)
The Quests -- who were actually from Singapore, but playing in Hong Kong -- had been a successful pop act since 1961, so it's not surprising they took Tomorrow's "Hallucinations", removed the psychedelia, and transformed it into group harmony pop.

The Mystics - "Sweet Soul Music"
This starts off as a bar band remake of Arthur Conley's smash, but then replaces the soul stars of the original with the names of notable Hong Kong performers, even performing bits of their hits! Fans of the HK scene must've gotten a huge kick out of this one.

Thanks to zoundcracker

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