Saturday, June 25, 2011

Going Back To Louisiana

Many people have heard this classic performance by Delbert McClinton from his 1980 album The Jealous Kind:

Many sources, including the Secondhand Songs website, cite this as the original version of "Going Back To Louisiana". But the song had previously been released in 1964 by Delbert's old crony Bruce Channel, Mr. "Hey! Baby" himself:

Whether Channel's version is the original I don't know. 

The composer credit is generally given to "Bobby Osborne" ("Bob Osborne" on the Channel release). Can anyone confirm or deny if this is the same Bobby Osborne of the Osborne Brother bluegrass group ("Rocky Top"?). McClinton is not mentioned in the bio on Osborne's web page, so I presume he isn't the composer, but I'd just like some confirmation.

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