Monday, April 13, 2009

I'll Cry Out From My Grave

Shaun Harris was the bassist for the 1960s cult favorites The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band -- an outfit that, I must confess, I've never heard (although their tumultuous history reads like it would make an interesting screenplay). The WCPAEB broke up in 1970, and the next year Harris released a half sunshine-pop, half country-rock single called "I'll Cry Out From My Grave (God I'm Sorry)," under the name Brigadune.

Two years later Harris released a self-title solo album with backing by L.A.'s Wrecking Crew and harmony vocals by Beach Boy Bruce Johnston. The album featured a remake of Harris' Brigadune single, here given the less cumbersome (and less ghoulish) title "I'll Cry Out". The CD reissue includes a mono single mix that sounds a bit less overproduced, thanks to less reliance on CS&N-style backing vocals.
Brigadune Ill Cry out from My Grave.mp3  
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