Saturday, April 18, 2009

"You Rub Me The Wrong Way" - The Road (1968)

One of the great garage-rockers of the late '60s, I first heard this in the '80s on volume 2 of the classic Pebbles compilations. All I know about this band is what I read on the website:

Not much is know about this Painesville teen band. In 1968 they were recruited by a slightly older Painesville musician, Dave Passerallo, to make a record. The Hard Road session at Audio Recording yeilded a strange pop effort with odd psych flourishes as the A-side, "So Hard To Find". The song was written by Onion Rings member Jim Finan, who presumably provided the link to Blue Onion Records. Of more interest to us is the flip side, "You Rub Me the Wrong Way", a Passerallo penned three chord rocker with some blistering fuzz guitar. The Hard Road 45 was initially released on Passerallo's Lemon Lime label but after getting airplay for "It's So Hard Ro Find", Dale Davis' Blue Onion label picked up the record for wider release. An Audio Recording acetate has surfaced pairing "You Rub Me The Wrong Way" with a nice garage ballad, "By The Fire", a song that Passerallo had wrote and recorded with his vocal group the Four Escorts.

By 1968 The Road's sound of fuzz guitar and Vox organ was considered unfashionable, so it's not surprising "You Rub Me The Wrong Way" went nowhere commercially. It wouldn't truly be appreciated until the Pebbles series came out a decade later.

Pebbles - Vol. 2 - 05 - Road-You Rub Me the Wrong Way - 2.32.mp3

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