Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Soul, Inc. - "I Belong To Nobody" (1968)

These guys were apparently one of the most popular bands in Louisville, Kentucky.

"I Belong To Nobody" was their biggest hit, making No. 1 locally and allegedly charting in several other cities after getting picked up for national distribution by the Laurie label.

(Some of you out there may know "I Belong To Nobody" via a 1980 cover by the Australian band The Flaming Hands. How a band in Australia heard an obscure 1960s record from Kentucky is a story I'd like to learn someday.)

I first heard "I Belong To Nobody" about 15 years ago on Rock & Roll Revival with Joe Donovon, a now-legendary all night radio show on Louisville's WLAS-AM. As I recall, some high school teahcer and record collector was Donovon's guest, and brought in a bunch of 45s by Louisville acts. This is the one that has stayed in my mind. It has a rueful melancholy that haunts you (and which the Flaming Hands remake never quite managed to capture). It should have been a much bigger hit. 


  1. Cool page! Lookin fwd to your selections.
    brendan - rising storm

  2. Thanks -- and Rising Storm is a GREAT blog!